We bring the traditions of cartography to the Web.


Our custom maps match your data, visual identity, message, and audience.


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We're pleased to have worked with:

Smithsonian World Bank Pure Earth Merck Sage Publications ESRI Pearson Boston Public Library Rice University Harvard University Government of Canada UCLA Center for Health Policy Research Brandeis University Internews University of Wisconsin Duke University Denison College ESPN New York Times

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Our tools help you make better maps

Cartography Guide

This guide contains insights and tips for making thematic maps. It covers the important concepts in cartography and flags the important decision points in the map-making process.

Cartography Guide


Indiemapper helps you make static, thematic maps from geographic data by bringing the best of traditional cartographic design to internet map-making.


Colorbrewer 2.0

Colorbrewer 2.0 is an online tool designed to help people select good color schemes for maps and other graphics.


Typographic Maps

These detailed city maps are composed solely of type and are hand made by us.

Typographic Map Store