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Exploring the sites featured in History Channel's first scripted drama

History Channel
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We partnered with the History Channel to create an interactive map for Project Blue Book, their first ever scripted drama. The show is based around UFO investigations at various sites across the US in the 1950’s, and they wanted the map to highlight the significance of these places and the show’s connection to real locations.

The map uses an evocative basemap that both utilizes the color palette of the show, but also creates a mysterious atmostphere by tint-shifting an aerial photo. On top of the basemap sits points representing each site. The points and their content is managed through a simple spreadsheet-based custom CMS that allows multiple content editors at the History Channel to easily update content. Users can navigate between the points using multiple methods, from choosing the location from the list or map, to clicking through each point in order. The map uses engaging animations, both when hovering on a point and when flying from point-to-point across the map.

The map is fully optimized for mobile devices and is accessibile to users who navigate by keyboard or screenreader.

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History Channel
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